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It was a great way to build content and to energize my team during their week of staff training. They all ended the day talking about the experience and how amazing it was!


Michelle Pearce, School and Public Programs Coordinator at The NC Arboretum


2   Nature TREC helps clients increase the quality of their programs through relevant, accessible trainings.

We conduct training workshops on topics that we have developed. We also facilitate training related to other organizations such as Leave No Trace (LNT), the Wilderness Education Association (WEA), and the National Association for Interpretation (NAI). 

Teaching Methods for Formal and Non-formal Outdoor Educators. We conduct workshops on training people how to teach in the outdoors. Topics covered include various teaching strategies, safety and comfort concerns, and techniques for teaching in the backcountry and along the trail.

Enriched Leave No Trace (LNT) Workshops. We conduct training in LNT principles including awareness workshops, LNT workshops, and Leave No Trace Trainer workshops. We enrich each of these training levels by including discussion of how the environment is negatively impacted when they are not followed. This provides a deeper ecological understanding of why the leave no trace principles exist.

Certified Interpretive Guide. We conduct training workshops that lead to certification in interpretation through the National Association for Interpretation (NAI). Participants must pass a standardized test to become certified.

Hike Leader Certification. This workshop trains leaders who take people hiking regularly. Topics include hiking tips and techniques, land navigation, emergency action plans, and weather prediction. It is primarily focused on day-hike leaders.

Staff Training. We conduct staff training as requested by camps, conference centers, or programs. The topics and skills vary according to the needs.


Dr. Daniel led us to our own discovery.  Somehow the answers were already within us, he just teased them out.


Jenna Kesgen

We develop training videos on a range of topics. The video below illustrates over 30 mistakes commonly made when one is teaching in the outdoors. It was produced for the “Methods of Teaching Environmental Methods” module for the North Carolina Environmental Education Certification Program. Dr. Brad Daniel and his faculty assistant Sophie (the student with whom he interacts most) scripted a series of interactions between them (attempted questions, etc.) to help illustrate the mistakes. The other students gradually figure out what the true lesson is about as the video continues. Those viewing the video make a list of the mistakes and then discuss solutions to them.

OE Class
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